Loren Williams COPPER JOHN


Hook: Mustad #AC80200BR or C49S.

Thread: Brown 6/0.

Tail: Ringneck Pheasant Tail fibers fibers.

Abdomen: Light Gauge Copper Wire.

Wingcase: Pearlescent Flashabou.

Thorax: Peacock Herl.

Legs: Ringneck Pheasant Tail Fibers, tied rather short and to each side.

Head: Copper bead.

Notes: A customer from central Pennsylvania made me aware of this pattern as he placed an order to prepare for a trip out West. After locating the recipe, that I found most desirable, I just had to whip some up for myself. It looks that good! Many folks think that commercial tiers have a never ending list of fly patterns dedicated to memory. Surprise! This one was new to me. I have now entered this fly into my Top 10 nymphs category. I'm not sure yet which one gets bumped. I think the combination of subtle flash and all that weight helps the fly fish a bit better than most. I donít prefer it to the PT by any means but it is a sassy lad when run down the heart of a deep meaty run! I like to tie the legs and tail short, no longer than Ĺ the shank in length. The legs should be bound to the sides of the fly. Look at any nymph short tails and short legs. By no means do the legs ever come off the bottom of the bug.